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Meal Plan February 21-26, 2012

First posted meal plan of the new year.  Well well well…

I am really on a vegetarian/vegan kick lately, and I’m finding many great blogs to inspire me.  So there are some links in this post.

Lunch:  Pancakes – it is shorve tuesday after all, here’s  a link to my favorite recipes posted last year.  We had the cinnamon oat ones, from the freezer.
Dinner:  Pasta with Nona’s tomato sauce

Lunch:  tuna or grilled cheese sandwiches
Dinner:  Ezogelin Corbasi – Turkish red lentil soup.  got to love a soup with a story, and well I am turkish! (thanks CookEatLiveVegetarian), with some crusty bread made in my trusty breadmaker.

Lunch:  wraps with avocado and crudites, roasted veggies and collard greens as the wrap, well not for the kids, they can just have normal wraps.
Dinner: Martinique Sweet Potato Curry with Eggplant and Pineapple.  I dont think I need to say anymore here.   This recipe is from my new favorite blog, and it’s from a doctor in Toronto. how cool is that.  I have made a few things from here and they are amazing!  thanks Janet and TasteSpace.

Lunch: pita pizza
Dinner:  Mango Black Bean and Quinoa Salad to go with something, not sure what yet, maybe this…empanadas with collard green and tofu.  From Sweet potato soul.

Lunch:  I need to do a really really long run (29-32k), and probably will only have jelly beans on the road till I get back.  But I did read somewhere that I should have my meal prepared before I go out so that I will eat the right upon my return.  Hmm will need to think about this.
Dinner:  out with friends

Lunch:  clean out the fridge day!
Dinner: roast chicken and veggies (carrots, ruttabaga, beets and potaotoes)


Pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes and pancakes

The perfect time to post this is Shrove Tuesday I am sure everyone is going to be making pancakes!

I have been on a pancake kick lately, and trying different recipes, these are a few that I have been making, and honestly my sometimes picky kids have eaten them, and it makes a great school day lunch!

The beauty of most pancakes are that you can freeze them and then pop them in the toaster to defrost.  The quinoa ones excluded, since they are puffy and sort of like a chicken nugget.  The thing with pancakes are that they use white flour, so I have been trying to add more whole wheat to them, but then you compromise some texture.  That’s why the oat ones appeal to me.

Most times when I make pancakes I use my waffle maker to bake them, I know they are not waffles and it sort of changes how they turn out, but it makes it soooo easy.  The waffle maker has a chime to alert you when the pancakes are cooked, and it has this shallow heart shaped plate, making them fun and I can split one heart into five smaller hearts that each kid and adult can have one to start with, and it does cook them pretty fast.  No need to mind a frying pan!

So the first pancake on this list are quinoa ones.  This is an interesting one, the batter is quite thick, so I use the standard frying pan method to cook these ones, and they sort of turn out like chicken nuggets if you make them small.  It’s  a great way to throw in an wholesome grain, and use up leftovers.

Quinoa Pancakes from Martha’s Everyday Food

The ricotta pancakes I made because apparently Ricotta is a power food.  I haven’t made this one since, because I don’t usually have ricotta sitting in the fridge, but it was good.  The raspberry dressing was good, my daughter liked it, but my sons wouldn’t touch it!

Ricotta oat bran pancakes from Chatelaine’s January issues

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