Meal Plan February 21-26, 2012

First posted meal plan of the new year.  Well well well…

I am really on a vegetarian/vegan kick lately, and I’m finding many great blogs to inspire me.  So there are some links in this post.

Lunch:  Pancakes – it is shorve tuesday after all, here’s  a link to my favorite recipes posted last year.  We had the cinnamon oat ones, from the freezer.
Dinner:  Pasta with Nona’s tomato sauce

Lunch:  tuna or grilled cheese sandwiches
Dinner:  Ezogelin Corbasi – Turkish red lentil soup.  got to love a soup with a story, and well I am turkish! (thanks CookEatLiveVegetarian), with some crusty bread made in my trusty breadmaker.

Lunch:  wraps with avocado and crudites, roasted veggies and collard greens as the wrap, well not for the kids, they can just have normal wraps.
Dinner: Martinique Sweet Potato Curry with Eggplant and Pineapple.  I dont think I need to say anymore here.   This recipe is from my new favorite blog, and it’s from a doctor in Toronto. how cool is that.  I have made a few things from here and they are amazing!  thanks Janet and TasteSpace.

Lunch: pita pizza
Dinner:  Mango Black Bean and Quinoa Salad to go with something, not sure what yet, maybe this…empanadas with collard green and tofu.  From Sweet potato soul.

Lunch:  I need to do a really really long run (29-32k), and probably will only have jelly beans on the road till I get back.  But I did read somewhere that I should have my meal prepared before I go out so that I will eat the right upon my return.  Hmm will need to think about this.
Dinner:  out with friends

Lunch:  clean out the fridge day!
Dinner: roast chicken and veggies (carrots, ruttabaga, beets and potaotoes)


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