Meal Plan November 28-December 4, 2011

And with this week we welcome in December.  My son’s birthday is the 4th, at which point there is exactly three weeks to Christmas.  Global warming has made this late fall feel like Christmas is months away.  Nice for trial running, but not for getting into the holiday spirit.  This week will change all that with the start of  holiday party season, starting with an office party, children’s party  and the aforementioned birthday party.   I also need to decide on what cookies I am going to make for my annual cookie exchange.

Lunch:  pancakes
Dinner:  Butternut squash, kale and black bean stew served with rice

Lunch: roast beef sandwiches
Dinner:  fish sticks and roast root vegetables, including cranberry or all red potatoes, even the flesh is red, very cool

Lunch:  grilled cheese sandwiches
Dinner:  turkey tacos

Lunch:  pasta with cheese
Dinner:  lentil and turkey burgers

Lunch:  minestrone soup
Dinner: stove top mac and cheese prepared by the children!!!

Lunch:  sushi from the grocery store (I”m in class!!!)
Dinner:  out for office holiday party

Lunch:  sweet potato quesadillas
Dinner:  pizza party for  a wee birthday boy!


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