Meal plan Sep 16-25, 2011

Back to school has kicked my a$$. It’s been BUSY. Lacking a concrete meal plan has not helped. Then yesterday I got the latest issue of Everyday Food from who else but Martha. So I am dedicating the next week and a bit to this issue. I have to say I am pretty excited to try these recipes. I already made the curried cauliflower and it was ok. Sort of bland, but if you don’t like a strong curry, then this may be the dish for you. The kids hated it.

You will notice that I haven’t been including lunches during the summer. But guess who’s baaaack, well sort of next week I will add the lunch menu that I have been working hard on all summer (hah who’s kidding who, pbj anyone?)  At least I don’t have to brown bag them!

All these recipes are from the latest issue of Everday Food, and likely not on the website, so I am not including any links here.  But if I ever to putting together another post about them there you will have them.  I am so pleased with this 10 day plan, that I may repeat it, in which case I will include the links.


Dinner:  Curried cauliflower and chickpea casserole (sort of bland, so how is that the kids hated it?!)

Turkey stuffing casserole  (this was truly awesome, the kids hated it!)

Pineapple beef red curry  (quartering the curry paste made this bland and the kids hated it anyways!)

Chicken barley soup  (cooked the barley separately to avoid it sucking up all the broth, and it still happened, but I liked this one, the kids hated it!)

Three cheese macaroni  (I doubled the pasta but left the sauce as is, and there was MORE than enough sauce, two kids liked it, one hated it!)

Slow cooker pea soup

Braised chicken with squash

Maple Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, broccoli, couscous

Green turkey curry with eggplant

lunch:  White bean chili with bacon scallion cornbread
Dinner:  We are going out to “smoke-fest 2011”
lunch:  Chicken enchilada casserole
Dinner:  take out chinease at the great grand parents!


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