Meal Plan July 25-31, 2011

Here we are halfway through the week and the meal plan is finally getting up.  It’s been a week of not cooking much, lots of raw food and salads.  Just feeling a bit hot to cook.

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Dinner: Quinoa Salad from the Canadian Living Blog (I used the Middle Eastern dressing) and Broccoli Slaw from Chatelaine I liked this recipe alot, it may be a nice use for the stems of broccoli that no one eats at my place, if only I was that organized!

Dinner:  Potato Salad and leftover quinoa salad.  This potato salad was really good, I halved the dressing and still thought it was a bit too much, I weighed the potatoes before peeling and they were close to the amount called for in the recipes, next time I would do at least 2.5lbs of potatoes for half the amount of dressing)

Dinner:  Steamed Green Beans, grilled salmon, and leftover salads

Dinner: Kale Salad (Mark Bittman) and Homemade bbq sauce chicken thighs,

Dinner:  Moroccan Beet Leaf and Swiss Chard Salad (I rarely have both in the house so it’s time to try this recipe, I will use the home made Harissa recipe included) Epicurious , grilled tofu

Dinner:  Chicken Souvlaki, Mediterranean salad, or maybe Mediterranean Pasta salad or maybe both, grilled pita and tzatziki (from Costco I hear they have a really good one), lemony roasted potatoes and for dessert a seasonal fruit crisp with rhubarb (thanks to my jar of topping on the counter ready to go!)

Dinner:  Bison Burgers and zucchini feta fritters,  and roast beet salad (Chatelaine, July 2011)  I need to go back to the butcher where they were so kind as to give me free smoked paprika and return the favour by purchasing some bison there!


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