Meal Plan May 9-15

We are back to the routine of combing through all my food magazines and cook books to test out new recipes.  I am going to try out many of Mark Bittman’s recipes this week, since I have his latest book, and I just discovered that there’s an app for his How to Cook Everything Vegetarian which I think I must invest in.

Lunch:  leftovers
Dinner:  meatless monday:  Spinach Greek Salad, boreks (my mom’s feta filled goodies)

Lunch:  raw beet salad with ginger  ,pasta with butter and cheese
Dinner:  braised butternut squash, spicy salmon (I just love this recipe)

Lunch:  Montreal smoked meat sandwiches (found this yumminess at Costco)
Dinner:  Chicken Kabobs, roasted sweet potato salad

Lunch:  peanut butter pancakes (so yummy, we’ve already made a batch of these)
Dinner:  quinoa, sweet potato salad and black bean casserole with spinach salad (this is take on a Bittman recipe with my own twist)

Lunch:  pizza day at school
Dinner:  grilled things (not sure exactly what yet)

Lunch:  leftovers
Dinner:  out for an adult only dinner at a French restaurant

Lunch: picnic lunch at the science center
Dinner:  slow cooker recipe!


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