Meal Plan January 31-February 6

Wow this week is full of fun stuff – Chinese New Year (Feb 3), World Nutella Day (Feb 5), Super Bowl, three birthdays, and to top it off a trip to the top of the CN Tower for lunch!

Meal plan January 31-February 6 2011

Lunch:   pancakes
Dinner:  pasta with roasted red peppers, feta and olives

Lunch:   hummus and veggie wraps
Dinner:  broiled salmon, quinoa and chickpea salad (CL March)

Lunch:  sweet potato and black bean quesadillas
Dinner: chickpea and squash curry in slow cooker  (CL Feb)

Lunch:  grilled cheese
Dinner:  Chinese sticky Chicken wings with five spice and spring rolls,  chicken and vegetable coconut rice, and maybe some shrimp spring rolls (CL Feb and March)

Lunch:  Pizza day at school
Dinner:  Rapini and Shrimp Pasta (CL March)

Lunch:  Lunch at the top of the CN tower
Dinner:  Iron Chef Nutella – in honour of World Nutella Day – a stacked nutella crepe cake and a nutella martini and maybe even a nutella pizza, can’t wait….

Lunch:  Bday Party lunch
Dinner: Bday Party #2 and Super bowl dips – guacamole, spinach artichoke, and seven layer dip! who needs regular food when you are watching the big game, except for chili!

Shopping list:

snow peas
bok choy
green beans
red pepper


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