Meal Plan January 24-30, 2011

Week plan #4 = comfort for cold weather, these are a variety of warming meals, loads of carbs!

Meal plan January 24-30 2011

Lunch:  leftover pasta with snap peas
Dinner:  Ratatouile with pan fried tilapia and quinoa (had to make a last minute sub, but had almost everything for this recipe in house, just picked up some fresh tilapia, and the veggies were in need of getting consumed!)

Lunch:  broccoli and hummus pita
Dinner:  Root veggie borsht (Bonnie Stern: The Appetizer), broiled salmon

Lunch:  grilled cheese sandwiches and peppers
Dinner:  Double Mozzerella Meatballs (Milk Calendar), salad, and pita bread

Lunch:  sweet potato quesadillas
Dinner:  Chicken and arugula lasagna from Fitness Magazine

Lunch:  leftovers
Dinner:  “crispy” chicken (home made Shake and bake) with broccoli and acorn squash

Lunch:  Potato kniches from Food TV magazine
Dinner:  out for dinner

Lunch:  sandwiches
Dinner: Baked beans, beef ribs, butternut squash ribbons (LCBO magazine)

Shopping list:

fish sauce


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