Meal Plan January 17-23

This is meal plan #3 for 2011, they say it takes three weeks of practice to form a new habit, so this is the week, for those resolutions to either become a habit or ditch them!  So far my first resolution to ditch is the “in bed before midnight” one.  I should just face facts, I need more hours in the day, and the only way I can get that is by sleeping less.  Since I am ok with that, no one is harmed, as long as there is a large supply of caffeine in the house!

This week I am going to tackle a new challenge a bolognese sauce with veal.  I have only ever cooked with veal once before, osso buco, I don’t like veal, the whole baby cow thing, but for some reason, I came home with 2lbs of it the other day, and stuck it in the freezer.  You know they say when you shop hungry you purchase impulsively, I just didn’t expect that to happen while at the butcher!  There seems to be quiet a bit of controversy about this recipe, and what is considered authenic classic bolognese.  I am going to try and wade through that and pick one recipe.  I am currently leaning towards a Mario Batali one, partly because I have never made anything by him before, and I am curious is the hype worth it?  Now I know you can’t judge a chef with one recipe, so we will see.

Challenge #2, a large butternut squash.  I was originally going to roast it with some chicken, but instead we made pizza today, so I still have this gourd sitting on my counter.  I am leaning toward roasting it and making risotto with it.  I found this recipe at Epicurious that also has leeks which I have in the fridge.

Challenge #3, a dreaded cabbage.  I seem to never really enjoy anything with cabbage, and there really are not that many recipes, take a look, you will find a million different coleslaw and  few cabbage rolls, that really only use a quarter of the thing.  It’s hard, and I get one or two a month!


Lunch:  left over pizza
Dinner: Ginger Shrimp Brown rice bowl (Jan 11 Chatelaine) (I have made this recipe before, when I tested it for Chatelaine, it was good, my husband did not like it that much, but I am going to give it another try, maybe we can work on improving it for him – there is feta and cilantro in it, I will leave those out and he can add them if he likes)

Lunch:  Ricotta Oat Bran Pancakes with Maple Raspberry Sauce (Jan 11 Chatelaine)
Dinner:  Barley Cabbage Rolls (Jan 11 Chatelaine)

Lunch:  grilled cheese sandwiches
Dinner:  Chicken Tacos Pizza with home made seasoning

Lunch:  PBJ
Dinner:  cauliflower and maple soy salmon with quinoa

Lunch:  wraps with hummus
Dinner:  crispy chicken and broccoli, butternut squash risotto

Lunch:  visiting friends out of town, dinner and lunch with them!
Dinner: visiting friends out of town, dinner and lunch with them!

Lunch:  sandwiches
Dinner: Bolognese Sauce and pasta!!!

Shopping list:

taco shells


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