Meal Plan January 10-16 2011

This week’s recipes are not for the lactose intolerant.  I have some holiday leftovers to get rid of, including the pounds I gained “testing” cookies.  We are going out for dinner this weekend, so not as many recipes to share.  Most of these recipes are from the latest two Chatelaine issues.

Lunch:  Pita pizza with Hummus
Dinner:  Butter chicken in the slow cooker , basmati rice, and saag paneer (this may be crazy, but I’m going to give it a try! from Jan Chatelaine)

Lunch:  leftover lasagna
Dinner:  Ravioli Lasagna from Chatelaine’s Feb 2011 cover, looks so yummy!, spinach salad

Lunch:  Grilled Cheese sandwiches
Dinner:  Tempeh with avocado, radichhio from Epicurious  (I am very excited to try this recipe, it looks like it may be alot of work, and since the BBQ is under a ton of snow, I will do it in the oven, fingers crossed that this actually works!  and leftovers for the kids, this is likely not going to be their favorite!)

Lunch:  lentil kale and sausage soup from Feb Chatelaine
Dinner:  Sweet and spicy scallops with bok choy Jan Chatelaine

Lunch:  Pizza Lunch at school
Dinner:  take out Wingporium

Lunch:  leftovers – clean fridge out day!
Dinner:  Out for Dinner Club

Lunch:  tuna salad sandwiches (this is a recipe from a friend, with capers and olives, full of salt but yummmmy!)
Dinner:  roast chicken and butternut squash and beets (recipe to follow, once found!)

Shopping list:

scallops (16)
turkey sausage (2lb)
2L homo milk
1 Leek
The rest are from the pantry or green bin, you may be wondering who has 35% cream, half and half in the fridge but not homo milk, but they are leftovers from Christmas that need to get used up, so this is a perfect opportunity.


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