Meal Plan Aug 2-14

Meal plan Aug 2-14 2010.

This is the start of a crazy week followed by a week of relaxing at the cabin. I am leaving the kids in the care of my husband while I go to a friends wedding, first time away from them! So the meals may not go according to plan. My goal is to have the meals prepped and all they need to do is warm them up.

The week we are at the cabin, we are sharing meals, taking turns with the other families, so all my family is responsible for are two lunches and two dinners. I will post only those meals for next week.

Camp food is fun to plan, cause it takes you out of your kitchen and into the unknown. Will we BBQ? cook on an open fire? Or attempt to use the stove?

Lunch. PBJ
Dinner. Pasta salad, beet salad, BBQ chicken, peach crisp

Lunch. Grilled cheese
Dinner. Tacos

Lunch. Out for lunch at play date
Dinner. Burgers

Lunch. Wrapos
Dinner. Lasagna

Lunch. Leftovers
Dinner. Out for dinner

Lunch. Lunch on the road
Dinner. Dinner @ casa s

Lunch. Sausages and cruduites
Dinner. @ casa g

Lunch. @ casa s
Dinner. Greek dinner chicken souvlaki, chopped salad, roast potatoes, brownies

Lunch. Sweet potato quesadillas
Dinner @ casa g

Lunch. @casa g
Dinner. @ casa s

Lunch. @ casa s
Dinner. Out for fish n chips

Lunch. @casa g
Dinner. Salmon, wild rice salad, crisp


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