Meal plan July 26-Aug 1

Meal plan for July 25 to August 1.

Lunch: pasta with butter and cheese
Dinner: Carrot and blueberry salad, leftover chicken and lamb, parmesan pasta salad leftovers, cauliflower

Lunch: wrapos (quesadillas), steamed cauliflower buttermilk pancakes
Dinner: Lemon roasted potatoes, Chicken souvlaki, Bulger salad (tabbouleh), swiss chard

Lunch:  PBJs, peppers and cucumbers
Dinner: Chickpea salad #18, Grilled Tofu

Lunch: Hummus and Veggies
Dinner: Beet and tahini salad #53, Salmon with maple syrup glaze

Lunch: grilled cheese (make an extra one into croutons for Saturday’s salad)
Dinner: Shredded napa #20, turkey burgers

Lunch: Sharkies and chocolate milk (going for a 29k run)
Dinner: Grilled cheese crouton salad #44, steak

Lunch: Left overs into sandwiches and wraps
Dinner:  Roast Chicken on the BBQ (making and extra one for lunches)


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