Extreme Heat = Easy Outdoor Cooking (con’t)

So, I left off on my cooking through the heat diary on Wednesday, and the wheels fell off the truck due to the school Fun Fair for the Saturday of that week.  Due to extreme time limitations, I will show you how your bbq can save you time, while battling the summer heat!

Thursday – Yet another crazy day, with Fun Fair commitments, classes for the kids, sourcing out tile samples, the continual weeding battle, plus the regular madness.  This meant zero time to hit the grocery store, let along cook and eat.  So, I went simple – tuna wraps and yet another salad with humus on the side.  So fast to prepare, healthy, and no cooking involved – kind of – I was feeling guilty serving this to the family, like it was a little too vanilla, so I added olives, cayenne and cheese to my tuna salad, and grilled the wraps for 2 min/side on the grill.  Leftovers for lunch and no clean-up.

Friday – Here’s where I really got lazy.  I needed to get to the school to help set-up for fun fair, plus I wanted to bake and ice cupcakes for the bake sale, so the cooking/clean-up time was not going to happen.  I grabbed a frozen pizza, threw my pizza stone on the bbq and cooked the pizza on the grill.  This was a regular meal during the kitchen reno, and once I realized that pizza could be cooked on the bbq, I realized that really, anything could – I really want to try to get the bbq to a constant 350 and see if I can bake a cake – just for kicks and to test my theory (and the bbq).

Saturday – Fun Fair is over!!  It was a great day, with perfect weather, but by the end of the day, I’m beat.  I have my husband bbq up some sausages and buns and we eat it with tortilla chips and guacamole. After a long day, and paired with my ice-cold beer, it was heaven.

So, I gave myself a personal challenge at the beginning of the week to see if I could get through a busy, hot week, without using the oven or excessive take-out – and by some miracle, I did it!  Hello Summer 2010 – bring on the heat and Sangria.


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